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Hebru Brantley
Sound Off
Wood, brass
H50 x W17.22 x D28.17 cm
edition: 15
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Edition works produced for Hebru Brantley's solo exhibition 'Traveling Without Moving'. Brantley's signature character, Fly Boy, emerges from the painting 'I'll Huff and I'll Puff (The Morning Call)', transforming into a warm wooden sculpture. These are limited edition works with only 15 pieces. *Only one item can be purchased per person. *The delivery is estimated sequentially from around mid-December 2023.
[Purchase Agreement]
For a period of three 3 years from the date of this order, the Artist(s) retains a right of first refusal should the Purchaser desire to resell the Artwork. Please be informed that the delivery schedule might be delayed due to the situation of the production and transport. Return of the item, cancellation of the order, and refund after placing the order are not accepted. Please make sure that there are no errors in your order before making the payment. Since the carton and packaging box are intended to protect the product inside during transportation, any damages to the packaging upon arrival do not qualify for a return or exchange of the product. The completion of the payment will be deemed to indicate that the purchaser has accepted the terms and conditions, including the notes and Purchase Agreement, of the order.